Whole Number Applications

Tutoring on Whole Number Applications

Learning Objectives:

Understand and Apply problems on Whole Numbers.

Math Tutoring on Whole Number Applications

In daily life operations, we can use different Whole Numbers operations such as Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction and Division for different problem-solving. For example, in our monthly expense calculation, we have to use Whole Number Addition operation etc.

Some of the important applications of Whole Number operations:

1.    Determining the Square Footage of a house.

2.    Solve the Time & Distance problem.

3.    Determining the Perimeter and Area of a Rectangle.

4.     Determining the Area of a Pentagon by Decomposing Theory.

5.    Determining the Area of an L-shaped Polygon.

6.    Solve the Age problems.

7.    Algebraic Expression Application solving.

8.    Solving of Linear Equation with one variable.

9.    Determining the Total Cost of a Loan Given and Payments and much more.


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Hook Questions:

1.    What are the different Whole Numbers operations?

2.    State some important applications of Whole Numbers.

3.    What is Decomposing Theory? How is it used to determine the Area of a Pentagon?


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