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Understand and Apply Weighted Voting

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Weighted Voting gives some voters different amounts of influence or weight concerning the outcome of an election.This is often common practice when it comes to corporate shareholder meetings when shareholders’ voting weights is based upon how many shares they own.

Vocabulary for Weighted Voting:

Each individual or entity casting a vote is called a player in the election. They’re often notated as P1, P2, P3, …. , PN. Where N is the total number of voters.

Each player is given a weight, which usually represents how many votes the get.

The quota is the minimum weight needed for the vote to pass or weight needed for the proposal to be approved.

A weighted voting system will often be represented in a shorthand form:

[q: w1, w2, w3, …. , wN]

In this form, q is the quota, w1 is the weight for player 1, w2is the weight for player 2, and so on.


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Hook questions:

1.   What is Weighted Voting?

2.   State vocabulary for Weighted Voting.



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