Vectors And Vector Applications

Tutoring on Vectors And Vector Applications

Learning Objectives:

Understand Vectors and Vector Applications.

Math Tutoring on Vector and Vector Application

Measurements involving time, length, area, volume, temperature and energy are called Scalar Measurements or Scalar Quantities because they can be adequately described by their magnitude alone with the appropriate units. The related number is called a Scalar.

Measurements that require more than a single quantity to describe their attributes are called Vector Quantities. Examples of Vector Quantities are Force and Velocity. These require both Magnitude and Direction to completely describe.

In Math Tutoring, a directed line segment is used to represent a vector quantity or vector like following:

·        The length of the vector models the magnitude.

·        The arrowhead models the direction.

·        The origin of the segment is called the Initial Point.

·        The arrowhead points to the Terminal Point.

A Velocity Vector:                            50 mph

                                          A                                          B

Vectors are Equal if they have the same magnitude and the same direction.

The sum of two or more vectors is called the Resultant of the Vectors. To add vectors we can use the Triangular Method and the Parallelogram method.

Vectors have numerous nos. of applications. One of the important application is to determine the relative speed of an airplane relative to the ground and flying angle if there is a wind direction. It can be solved by the help of Law of Sines and Cosines.




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Hook Question:

1.     What is a Vector Quantity? How it differs from Scalar Quantity?

2.     How is a Vector Quantity described?

3.     What is the Resultant of the Vectors?

4.     Describe Triangular Method to obtain Resultant of the Vectors.




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