Using Statistical Models

Tutoring on Using Statistical Models

Learning Objectives:

Understand and Apply Statistical Models

Math Tutoring on Using Statistical Models

Statistical Model:

Statistical Model is a special type of Mathematical Model which is informed by data and incorporates uncertainty and randomness.


Utility of Statistical Model in Math Tutoring:

Statistical Models are used for –

1.   Identifying patterns in data.

2.   Classifying events.

3.   Untangling multiple influences.

4.   Assessing strength of evidence.


Using Statistical Models we can –

1.   Determine a Sample Statistics and make a Prediction using the Sample Statistic.

2.   Find the Percent of a Total using an Amount in Pie Chart.

3.   Find the Percent of an Amount using a Percent in Pie Chart.


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Hook Questions:

1.   What is a Statistical Model?

2.   What are the Statistical Models used for?

3.   State some practical applications of Statistical Models.



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