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Learning Objectives:

Understand and Apply Graphing Calculator

Math Tutoring on Using Graphing Calculator

In Math Tutoring, Graphing Calculator has a wide utility in Statistical Calculations. We can find Quartiles and Five Number summery, Mean and Median from a Frequency Table, Standard Deviation from a Frequency Table etc.


Steps to find the First Quartile, Q1:

1.  Begin by ordering the data from smallest to largest.

2.  Compute the locator: .

3.  If  is a decimal value:

·      Round up to .

·      Use the data value in the position.

4.  If is a whole number:

·      Find the mean of the data values in the and positions.


Steps to find Third Quartile, Q3:

·      Use the same procedure for Q1, but with the locator: .




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Hook Questions:

1.  What are the utilities of Graphing Calculator in the field of Statistics?

2.  How to find First and Third Quartile using Graphing Calculator?





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