Stem and Leaf Plot

Tutoring on Stem and Leaf Plot

Learning Objectives:

Understand and Apply Stem and Leaf Plot

Math Tutoring on Stem and Leaf Plot

A ‘Stem and Leaf Plot’ is a special type tabular method for displaying data, where each data value is split into two parts, namely a ‘Stem’ and a ‘Leaf’.

Method to create Stem and Leaf Plot in Math Tutoring:

To create Stem and Leaf Plot, we have to split the data into two parts. The first digit or digits of data is represented as Stem and noted on the left hand side on the table. Usually the last digits considered as Leaf and noted on the right hand side of that particular Stem.

Characteristics of Stem and Leaf Plot:

1.   It is particularly useful for small datasets.

2.   Numbers are whole numbers.

3.   Useful for both positive and negative whole numbers.

4.   Suitability of a Stem and Leaf display depends on whether the data can be rounded without loss of important information.




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Hook Questions:

1.   What is Stem and Leaf Plot?

2.   How to create Stem and Leaf Plot?

3.   Give some characteristics of Stem and Leaf Plot.




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