Solving Trigonometric Equations

Tutoring on Solving Trigonometric Equations

Learning Objectives:

Understand to Solve Trigonometric Equations.

Math Tutoring on Solving Trigonometric Equations

Just like solving Algebraic Equations, there are several methods used to solve Trigonometric Equations. It takes practice in recognizing which technique to use when solving Trigonometric Equations.

In Math Tutoring, there are several types of Trigonometric Equations:

·        Trigonometric Equations in Linear Form with one Trigonometric Function.

·        Trigonometric Equations in Factorable Form or Quadratic form.

·        Trigonometric Equations with two Trigonometric Functions that require the use of Trigonometric Identities.

·        Trigonometric Equations involving Half Angle and Multiple Angles using Substitution.

·        Trigonometric Equations involving Inverse Trigonometric Functions.

·        Trigonometric Equations involving Cofunction Identities.

Several daily life applications can be solved by Trigonometric Equations. Some of these are:

·        The monthly temperature of the water in a mountain stream.

·        Monthly and detailed Sales Report of a company.

·        Ferris Wheel problem.

·        Problems related Simple Harmonic Motion of a Spring.

·        Determine the Height of an object.

We can solve Trigonometric Equations using Calculator also.




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Hook Questions:

1.     What are the different types of Trigonometric Equations?

2.     How can we obtain the Frequency of an S.H.M. using Trigonometric Equations?

3.     How can a Trigonometric Equation be helpful to find the Height of an object?




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