Solving Right Triangles

Tutoring on Solving Right Triangles

Learning Objectives:

Understand to Solve Right Triangles.

Math Tutoring on Solving Right Triangle

With the help of Inverse Trigonometric functions, we can solve Right Triangles. Many real-life applications do involve right triangles. To solve a right triangle means to determine the measure of all three angles and determine the length of each side.

Two basic ideas we should know to solve right triangle in math tutoring:

1.   The Pythagorean Theorem.

2.    The angles of a triangle have a sum of 180°.

Real life applications of Right Triangles are:

1.   Right triangles can be used to find the distances if the angle of Elevation or Depression is known.

2.   Bearings which are used in navigation can be used to determine distances. Bearings are measured from due north or in terms of north, east, south or west etc.




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Hook Questions:

1.   How is a Right Triangle solved by Inverse Trigonometric Functions?

2.   Give some real life applications of Right Triangle.




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