Solving Radical Equations

Tutoring on Solving Radical Equations

Learning Objectives:

Understand to Solve Radical Equations.

Math Tutoring on Solving Radical Equations

Here are the steps we will follow to solve equations having one radical:

1. We will isolate the radical on one side of the equation.

 2. Then we are going to raise both sides of the equation to the power of the index.

 3. We will now solve and check our solutions.

The reason it is so important to check our solutions this time as some solutions may not work and these are called extraneous solutions. Squaring and square rooting are opposite operations so these two undo each other leaving us with just x which obviously makes solving the equation much easier. The same thing is true for any index. Now we see how to solve radical equations with two radicals. So here are the steps that we will follow:    

1. We are going to put one radical on each side of the equal sign.

2. Then we will raise both sides of the equation to the power of the index just like last time. 

3. However, now if one radical remain, we are going to have to isolate the remaining radical and raise both sides to the power of the index again, solve again and then check answers.




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Hook Questions:

1. What is a radical equation?

2. How do you solve an equation with two radicals?

3. What is an extraneous solution to a radical equation?




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