Solving Applications Using Logarithmic Equations

Tutoring on Solving Applications Using Logarithmic Equations

Learning Objectives:

Understand to Solve and Apply Logrithmic Equations.

Math Tutoring on Solving Applications Using Logarithmic Equations

To solve exponential or logarithmic word problems, we have to convert the narrative to an equation and solve the equation. There are several types of word problems, e.g.  

1. Interest Rate Problems     

2. Mortgage Problems 

3. Population Problems 

4. Radioactive Decay Problems 

5. Earthquake Problems  

There are really two types of log equations the first type is when you have an equation that has only two logs of the same base. If that is the case, we set the logs equal to each other and solve. Now, we do have to check our answers, because the argument of the log has to be greater than zero. So if we obtain a value that makes this less than or equal to zero, we have to exclude it.  Now, there are guidelines for solving the more general type of log equation and here are the steps.  If there is more than one log, combine them using the properties of logs and then we need to isolate the single log.  Then we are going to write the equation in exponential form. We need to solve and check. 



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Hook Questions:

1. Why do we use logs?         

2.  What is a logarithmic scale?   

3.  What is the use of exponential function?      



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