Simplifying Fractions

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Learning Objectives:

Understand to Simplify Fractions.

Math Tutoring on Simplifying Fractions

Equivalent Fractions are different fractions that are equal or represent the same amount. To find equivalent fractions, multiply or divide the numerator and denominator by the same nonzero whole number.

The steps are followed:

    We would only divide the numerator and denominator by a whole number that is a common factor of both the numerator and denominator.

    Once a fraction does not have any common factors other than ‘1’ between the numerator and denominator, a fraction is simplified or written in lowest terms.

For example, all of the following fractions are equal or equivalent to ¼:

¼ = 2/8 = 3/12 = 4/16 = 5/20 and so on.

We say ¼ is in simplest form since the numerator and denominator do not have any common factors.

When giving an answer in fraction form, it is standard to always give the fraction in simplified form. There are two methods to simplify fractions by hand.

1.   The Prime Factorization Method

    Factor the numerator and denominator into Primes.

    Simplify the common factors.

2.   The Divisibility Method

    Divide the numerator and denominator by the common factors until there are no longer any common factors.

To simplify an improper fraction as a mixed number:

1.    Divide the numerator by the denominator.

2.    Write down the whole number answer.

3.    Then write down any remainder over the denominator.


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Hook Questions:

1.    What are Equivalent Fractions?

2.    What are the methods to simplify fractions by hand?

3.    How can we simplify an improper fraction?



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