Simplify Decimal Expressions

Tutoring on Simplify Decimal Expressions

Learning Objectives:

Understand to Simplify Decimal Expressions.

Math Tutoring on Simplify Decimal Expressions

For simplification of Decimal Expressions using Integers following are the Rules for Order of Operations:

1.    Calculate within the innermost Parentheses or Grouping Symbol, ( ), [ ],   { }, І І, and above or below fraction bars.

2.   Simplify all expressions with Exponents.

3.    Multiply and Divide from left to right.

4.    Add and Subtract from left to right.

For remembering the Order of Operations easily, following line is used:

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.

The initial letter of each word represents an Operation. “P” for Parentheses, “E” for Exponents, “M” for Multiply, “D” for Divide, “A” for Addition and “S” for Subtraction.


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Hook Question:

1.    What is the Order of Operations for simplifying Decimal Expressions?



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