Segments and Midpoints

Tutoring on Segments and Midpoints

Learning Objectives:

Understand to find the Midpoint of a Segment.

Math Tutoring on Segments Midpoints

Equal versus Congruent

Equal is used with measurement. Congruent is used with figures. If two figures are Congruent, they are the same shape and same size.


A Midpoint is a point on a line segment that divides the segment into two congruent segments.Every segment has exactly one Midpoint.

Determining the Midpoint of a Segment:

1.    Use a ruler.Determine the length of the segment and mark off half the distance.

2.    If the segment is on the coordinate plane,we can use the formula

 If the endpoints of the segment are  and .

3.    Using a compass we can use a construction to determine the Midpoint.

Perpendicular Bisector

A Perpendicular Bisector is a line, ray or segment that passes through the midpoint of a segment and forms a right angle with the segment.There are infinitely many segment bisectors through the midpoint. However, there is only one Perpendicular Bisector through the midpoint.

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Hook Questions:

1.    Why we use Equal and Congruent?

2.   What is Midpoint? How to determine Midpoint?

3.   What is Perpendicular Bisector?


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