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Learning Objectives:

Understand and Apply Scientific Notations.

Math Tutoring on Scientific Notation

Scientific Notation, also known as Exponential Notation, provides a useful way of writing very large or very small numbers.

Standard Scientific Notation for a number is in the form:  , where ‘a’ is at least 1 but less than 10. i.e. (). ‘a’ is called coefficient or significand and is expressed in Decimal Notation. ‘m’ is an integer.

To convert from Scientific Notation to Decimal Notation:

1.    If ‘m’ is positive the decimal point moves right m places in Decimal notation.

2.    If ‘m’ is negative, the decimal point moves left  places.

3.    Convert to Decimal Notation.

To convert from Decimal Notation to Scientific Notation:

1.    Move the decimal to form ‘a’ such that ‘a’ is at least 1 but less than 10. i.e. ().

2.    The number of placed the decimal moved will indicate the value of ‘m’. If we move the decimal left ‘m’ will be positive and if move the decimal right, ‘m’ will be negative.

3.    Convert to Scientific Notation.

Multiply numbers together in Scientific Notation:

Divide numbers in Scientific Notation:


        (ab) must be at least 1 but less than 10. i.e.                                  ().


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Hook Questions:

1.    What is a Scientific Notation?

2.    How do you convert Scientific Notation to Decimal Notation and vice-versa?



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