Scatter Plot

Tutoring on Scatter Plot

Learning Objectives:

Understand and Apply Scatter Plot

Math Tutoring on Scatter Plot

Scatter Plot is used to show a relationship between two variables. A symbol, usually a dot is used to show a data pair.

The graph of the collection of ordered looks like a bunch of dots, but some of the graphs are a general shape or move in a general direction.

Deduction of some important characteristics of Scatter Plots in Math Tutoring are –

1.   Scatter Plot is a graph that relates two groups of data.

2.   This data is plotted on a coordinate graph.

3.   Most Scatter Plots are in the first quadrant because the data is usually positive numbers.

4.   When the points are plotted they are scattered all over. That is why the graph is called a ‘Scatter Plot’.

Some important key vocabulary should be known regarding Scatter Plot:

·       Correlation.

·       Line of Best Fit.

·       Univariate and Bivariate Data.



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Hook Questions:

1.   What is Scatter Plot? Why it is called so?

2.   Give some characteristics of Scatter Plot.



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