Radical Equation Applications

Tutoring on Radical Equation Applications

Learning Objectives:

Understand and Apply Radical Equations.

Radical Equation Applications

Radical equation is an equation that contains radicals or rational exponents.We know how to solve radical equations. So here are the steps that we will follow:

1.We are going to put one radical on each side of the equal sign.

2. Then we will raise both sides of the equation to the power of the index just like last time. 

3. However, now if oneradical remains, we are going to have to isolate the remaining radical and raise both sides to the power of the index again, solve again and then check answers.

Mathematical problems that include radical equations arise in a number of professions, from engineering to nursing.Radical equations are also used in financial planning, medicine, oceanology, geology, and meteorology.


Hook Questions

1. How do you get rid of a square root in an equation? 

2. How do you find the extraneous solution? 

3. How do you solve an equation with two radicals?



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