Properties of Perpendicular Lines

Tutoring on Properties of Perpendicular Lines

Learning Objectives:

Understand Properties of Perpendicular Lines.

Math Tutoring on Properties of Perpendicular Lines

Perpendicular Transversal:

When two Parallel Lines are cut by a Perpendicular Transversal, 8 right angles are formed.


 If two lines are Perpendicular to the same line, they are parallel to each other.


If two lines are parallel and a third line is Perpendicular to one of the parallel lines, it is Perpendicular to the other parallel line.

Distance Formula:

The distance between the two points  and  is given as

Shortest Distance between a Point and a Line:

The shortest distance between a point and a line is a Perpendicular Line Segment. The Slopes of Perpendicular Lines are Negative Reciprocals.

Distance between Two Parallel Lines on the Coordinate Plane:

The shortest distance between two Parallel Lines is the length of a Perpendicular Segment.



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Hook questions:

1.   What is Perpendicular Transversal?

2.    Write the Distance Formula between two points.

3.    What is the shortest distance between a point and a line?

4.   What is the distance between two Parallel Lines?


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