Points, Lines and Planes

Tutoring on Points, Lines and Planes

Learning Objectives:

Understand Points, Lines, Segments and Planes.

Math Tutoring on Points, Lines and Planes


A Point is an exact location in space. They are shown as dots on a plane in 2 dimensions or a dot in space in 3 dimensions. It is labeled with capital letters. It does not take up any space.


A Line is geometric figure that consists of an infinite number of points lined up straight that extent in both directions forever. A Line is identified by a lower case letter or by using two points the line passes through.Two Lines are either Parallel or Intersection. Parallel Lines never touch each other. Intersecting Lines do touch each other.

There is exactly 1 line through two points. All points on the same Line are called Collinear. Points not on the same Line are Noncollinear.


Plane is a flat 2 dimensional surface. A Plane can be identified by 3 points in the Plane. There is exactly 1 Plane through three points. The intersection of two Planes is a line.

The Ruler Postulate

The distance between two points is the absolute value of the difference between the real numbers shown on a ruler.

Segment Addition Postulate

If ‘B’ is between A and C then,

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Hook Questions:

1.    Define Point, Line and Plane?

2.    What is Ruler Postulate and Segment Addition Postulate?

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Points, Lines and Planes with AffordEdu Online One on One Math Tutoring.

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