Place Value And Writing Numbers

Tutoring on Place Value And Writing Numbers

Learning Objectives:

Understand to determine Place Value and writing Numbers.

Math Tutoring on Place Value and Writing Numbers

In mathematics, there are different types or Sets of numbers.                         Counting Numbers or Natural Numbers are numbers in the Set  Whole Numbers are the set of counting numbers and Zero. Whole numbers are the numbers in the Set.

Place Value: 

All numbers consist of one or more digits. Such as ‘5’ have one digit, on the other hand, 25 have two digits. The Placing Position of each digit in a number called its Place Value.

Writing a number in expanded form emphasizes the Place Value of each digit. We write a whole number in the same way we say then using correct Place Value. We separate the number in words by commas the same way we do when we write the number.



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Hook Questions:

1.    What are the different Sets of numbers?

2.    What is the Place Value of a whole number?

3.    How do we write a whole number using correct Place Value?



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