Introduction to Probability

Tutoring on Introduction to Probability

Learning Objectives:

Understand Introduction to Probability

Math Tutoring on Introduction to Probability

The Probability of an event represents the likelihood it will occur. Probability compares the favorable number of outcomes to the total number of outcomes.

Probability can be expressed as a fraction, decimal, or percentage.

In Math Tutoring, there are two types of Probability:

·        Theoretical Probability is found using mathematics.

·        Experimental Probability is found by conducting an experiment.

The total number of outcomes is often called the Sample Space.

The favorable number of outcomes is often called the Event.

Probability of the Complement

If the probability of an event is P(E), then the probability of the complement would be the probability that the event, E would NOT happen.


The Probability of the Union of two events:


The probability that event E1 or E2 will occur is equal to the probability that E1 will occur plus the probability that E2 will occur minus the probability that E1 and E2 will occur. 





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Hook questions:

1.     What is Probability? What are the different types of Probability?

2.     What is Sample Space?

3.     What will be the Probability of the Complement?

4.     What is the formula of the Probability of the Union of two events?





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