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Learning Objectives:

Understand Introduction to Statistics and its application.

Math Tutoring on Introduction to Statistics

Statistics provides tools needed to react intelligently to information we hear or read. Statistics are often presented in an effort to add credibility to an argument or advice using careful Statistical Analysis. In Math Tutoring, some common vocabulary regarding Statistics are as follows:

1.     Population: The Population of a study is the group the collected data is intended to describe. Sometimes the intended population is called the Target Population, since if we design our study badly, the collected data might not actually be representative of the intended population.

2.     Parameter: A Parameter is a value (average, percentage, etc.) calculated using all the data from a population.

3.     Sample: A Sample is a smaller subset of the entire population, ideally one that is fairly representative of the whole population.

4.     Statistic: A Statistic is a value (average, percentage, etc.) calculated using the data from a sample.

Classification of data: Once we have gathered data, we might wish to classify it. The classification of data are as follows:

1.     Categorical (Qualitative data): These are pieces of information that allow us to classify the objects under investigation into various categories.         Ex: Favorite movies, Favorite car and zip code.

2.     Quantitative data: These are responses that are numerical in nature and with which we can perform meaningful arithmetic calculations. Ex: Age, Weight, Commute time and ideal temperature.

Different fields of applications of Statistics:

1.     Economics, Finance, Psychology, Sociology, Education and the Physical Sciences etc. are the different fields of applications.

2.     Extensive data collection and distribution activities are performed by the federal and other governmental and private agencies in areas such as education, employment, health, crime, prices, housing, medical care, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation etc.

3.     Diverse problems such as weather forecasting, economic stabilization, and disease control are today being solved using Statistical Analysis.


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Hook questions:

1.     What is Statistics? How do we classify data?

2.     Define the followings:

Population, Parameter, Sample and Statistic.

3.     State some Applications of Statistics.






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