Introduction To Polygon

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Learning Objectives:

Understand to classify Polygons.Identify Interior and Exterior Angles of a Polygons.

Math Tutoring on Polygon

A Polygon is a plane figure made up of segments joined at their endpoints.The points where the sides join are called the Vertices. The segments make up the sides or edges.

Types of polygons:

1.    Simple: A Simple Polygon has one bounded region. Simple Polygons are either convex or concave.

2.    Complex: A Complex Polygon has more than one bounded region and it intersects itself.

Diagonals of a Polygon:

The Diagonals of a Polygon are line segments that connect nonadjacent vertices of a Polygon. The Diagonals of a Convex Polygon are always inside the Polygon. At least one Diagonal of a Concave Polygon will pass outside the Polygon.

Every Convex Polygon has Interior and Exterior angles.The Interior Angles are inside the Polygon formed by the sides.The Exterior Angles form a linear pair with the Interior Angles.

Regular Polygons:

A Regular Polygon is a Polygon with equal sides (Equilateral) and equal angles (Equiangular).

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Hook questions:

1.   What is a Polygon?

2.   What are the different types of Polygon?

3.    Define Diagonal of a Polygon.

4.   Define Interior and Exterior Angle of a Polygon.



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