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Learning Objectives:

Understand and Apply Polar Equations.

Math Tutoring on Polar Equations

The Polar Coordinate System is based on a point, called the Pole and a ray, called the Polar Axis, which is usually drawn in the direction of the positive x-axis.

A point ‘P’ on the polar coordinate system is located by giving the directed distance ‘r’ from the pole ‘O’ to point ‘P’ and the angle θ from the positive x-axis to ray ‘OP’, then the polar coordinate of the point ‘P’ is given in the form . In this regard, some points to remember:

·       If r > 0, the point P lies on the terminal side of θ.

·       If r < 0, the point P lies on the ray pointing in the opposite direction of the terminal side of θ, a distance  from the pole.

The equation consisting  is thereby called Polar Equations.               E.g. and  etc..

To determine an equivalent equation of the Polar Equation in Rectangular form, we have to remember following formulae:

 ,   ,     and   

We can graph the Polar Equation on the coordinate plane as reference in math tutoring. This is often called R-Value Analysis. It can also be done by TI-84 Graphing Calculator.




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Hook Questions:

1.    What is Polar Coordinates? How is it expressed?

2.    How to convert a Polar Equation into Rectangular Equation?

3.    What is R-Value Analysis?




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