Introduction To Parametric Equations

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Learning Objectives:

Understand and Apply Parametric Equations

Math Tutoring on Parametric Equations

In Linear Equations, the plane curves are described implicitly in terms of x.

Or sometimes implicitly in terms of y.

However, it is often useful to use a third variable or parameter. This parameter is usually t. When both x and y are defined as function of t, we have Parametric Equations.

The graph of Parametric Equations makes a plane curve.

Properties of a Plane Curve Defined using Parametric Equations in Math Tutoring:

1.   t is usually defined over a particular interval.

2.   The values of t control the values of x and y but are not used when plotting on the coordinate plane.

3.   However, t does trace the plane curve in a particular direction as t increases.





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Hook Questions:

1.   What is a Parametric Equation?

2.   How a Parametric Equation differs from Linear Equation?

3.   Give some properties of a plane curve defined using Parametric Equations?






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