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Learning Objectives:

Understand to operate Graphing Calculator.

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Many years ago, trigonometric values were determined by tables, but this is very rare these days.

Calculators especially Graphing Calculators are able to determine trigonometric function values in degrees and radians in math tutoring. However, most calculator can't return the values in the radical form. Most return decimal approximations unless the values are rational.

By setting the DEGREE mode in TI-84 Graphing Calculator, we can determine all the trigonometric function values very easily. But when trying to determine the function values of Cosecant, Secant and Cotangent we do need to be a more little careful. Remembering the relationships among the trigonometric functions is important.

By the help of Graphing Calculator, we can determine values of Inverse Trigonometric functions also.

Apart from determining trigonometric function values, Graphing Calculators are useful for:

·       Graph the basic trigonometric functions in degrees and radians.

·       Graphing Polar Equations.

·       Estimating square roots.

·       Solving the trigonometric equation and much more.




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Hook questions:

1.    What is a Graphing Calculator?

2.    In the version TI-84, which Operating System is used?

3.    Give some of the important utilities Graphing Calculator.




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