Graphing Transformation of Trigonometric Functions

Tutoring on Graphing Transformation of Trigonometric Functions

Learning Objectives:

Understand to Graph Transformations of Trigonometric Functions.

Math Tutoring on Graphing Transformations of Trigonometric Functions

If we consider Transformations of Sine and Cosine functions then it will be:

  and .

Some important features of above equations are:

1.     is the Amplitude.

2.    2π/B is the Period.

3.    C is the Vertical Translation.

·       If C>0, the function is translated up C units.

·       If C<0, the function is translated down  units.

4.    D is the Horizontal Translation.

·       If D>0, the function is translated right D units.

·       If D<0, the function is translated  units to the left.

In Math Tutoring, if we consider Transformations of Tangent and Cotangent functions then it will be:


Some salient features of above equations are:

1.    No Amplitude, since there is no maximum and minimum values.

2.    π/B is the Period.




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Hook Questions:

1.    What is the definition of Amplitude and Period?

2.    What are the Vertical and Horizontal Translation of Sine and Cosine functions?

3.    Why there is no Amplitude in Tangent function?





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