Exponential Decay

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Learning Objectives:

Understand to Solve and Apply Exponential Decay

Math Tutoring on Exponential Decay

Exponential functions often involve the rate of decrease of something. When it is a rate of decrease, we have an exponential decay function. There are many quantities out there in the world that are governed (at least for a short time period) by the equation,   Q = Q₀ eᵏᵗ, where Q₀is positive and is the amount initially present at t = 0 and k is a non-zero constant. If k is negative the equation will die down to zero and is called the exponential decay equation. The decay of a radioactive element is governed the exponential decay equation. When a quantity is undergoing exponential decay, larger decay constants make the quantity vanish much more rapidly. Radioactive decay rate is exponential and is characterized by constants, such as half-life, as well as the activity and number of particles. The time required for half the nuclei of a specific radionuclide or radioactive substance to undergo radioactive decay is called half-life period. This is also the time required for half the quantity of a drug or other substance deposited in a living organism to be metabolized or eliminated by normal biological processes.



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Hook Questions:

 1.     What is the use of exponential function?

 2.     What is the formula for exponential decay?

 3.     What is the rate of decay?       



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