Exponent Number Concept

Tutoring on Exponent Number Concept

Learning Objectives:

Understand and Apply Exponents.

Math Tutoring on Exponents

Exponential Notation or Exponential Form is commonly found in algebraic terms, expressions, and equations.

Exponents are used to shorten or condense repeated multiplication such as:

The term  is written using Exponential Notation, ‘2’ is the Base and ‘5’ is the Exponent. The Exponent or Power indicates the number of times that the Factor or Base is multiplied.

In general, for any natural number ‘n’:   means n factor of base ‘b’. If there is no exponent given, it is to the 1st power.

Following are some Properties of Exponents:

The Product Rule:  .

The Quotient Rule:  .

The Power Rule:  .

Product to a Power:  .

Quotient to a Power: .

Other Properties:  ;  ;   .

Zero to the Zero Power:.


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Hook Questions:

1.    What is Exponential Notation?  How is it expressed?

2.    What does  mean?

3.    Prove that .



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