Evaluating Expressions and Determining Function Values

Tutoring on Evaluating Expressions and Determining Function Values

Learning Objectives:

Understand to Evaluate Expressions and Determine Function Values.

Determining Function Values

Now that we know a function is a special relation in which each input has exactly one output we often use special notation to communicate that a relation is a function. The notation is called function notation, for example, y = f(x). So f(x) is function notation where f(x) is the output resulting from applying the function rule f to the input x. So when using function notation we need to remember that x is the input and f(x) is the output and therefore f(x) = y. When we first see this notation though it is easy to think that this means f times x, but it does not. Its special notation called function notation.

Hook Questions


1.How to express a function?

2.What is the role of an input in a function?

3.How to find the output of a function?


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