Double Integrals

Tutoring on Double Integrals

Learning Objectives:

Understand and Apply Double Integrals.

Math Tutoring on Double Integrals

We can integrate functions of two variables in a similar way we determine partial derivatives of functions of two variables.

·        If integrating with respect to x, treat y as constant.

·        If integrating with respect to y, treat x as constant.

In math tutoring, we can only recover part of the original function when we integrate partial derivative. As a result, the Constant of Integration will be C(y) or C(x).

Double Integral:

Now that we can integrate a function of two variables, we will begin a study of the Integral of an Integral or Double Integral also called an Iterated Integral.

Some Applications of Double integrals are as Follows:

·        Volume under a Surface

·        The area under a Curve.





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Hook Questions:

1.     Define Double Integral.

2.     State some applications of Double Integral.





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