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Learning Objectives:

Understand to Divide Polynomials.

Math Tutoring on Dividing Polynomials

To divide a polynomial by a monomial, we divide each term by the monomial.   

Let a, b and c represent real numbers, variables or algebraic expressions, such that c ≠ 0, then (a+b)/c = a/c + b/c,

also (a-b)/c = a/c – b/c

If the divisor is not one term or a monomial, we use long division to divide polynomials, and this is performed very similar to long division in arithmetic. So let us go ahead and review how we would perform long division on this problem in math tutoring. Let us first set it up in the correct form. Here we have the dividend and the divisor. Now, we start by looking at the divisor, and starting with the left digits of the dividend, now, a division problem involving polynomials can take a variety of forms. Whichever form it is written in, we do have to write it in long division form. So we set up the problem in long division form with the dividend and the divisor in descending order. If terms are missing, we use 0 terms. As soon as we put a term up here we multiply it by the divisor. But remember to subtract polynomials we add the opposite. Bring down the next digit, and we continue this process.



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Hook Questions:

1.    How do we divide polynomials?

2.    How do you divide a polynomial by a binomial?

3.    Can you always use synthetic division to divide polynomials?




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