Determining Trigonometric Function Values And Angles

Tutoring on Determining Trigonometric Function Values And Angles

Learning Objectives:

Understand to determine Trigonommetric Function Values And Angles

Determining Trigonometric Function Values and Angles in Math Tutoring


With respect to a given point with coordinate (x, y), we can find the value of Trigonometric Functions by the following formulae:

  etc. where .

If the value of one Trigonometric Function Value and Angle position in the quadrant is given, then by the help of Reference Triangle and above formulae we can find the other Trigonometric Function Value in math tutoring.

We can find the coordinates of a point on a circle with radius r corresponding to an angle ‘θ’ by the following formula:


By the help of following formulae we can determine Half-Angle Identities of Trigonometric functions:

    ;     ;



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Hook Questions:

1.     Find the value of Six Trig Functions with respect to the point (11, 23)?

2.     What is Reference Triangle and how it is used to determine Trigonometric Function values?

3.     Determine all the trig function values of the angle 30° by the Half-Angle Identities?





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