Decimal Applications

Tutoring on Decimal Applications

Learning Objectives:

Understand Applications involving Decimals.

Math Tutoring on Decimal Applications

At the case of dealing with money, weight, length etc., we use Decimals at every point of interactions. Where a more precise result is required, Decimal applications are more useful over Whole Number Operations.

Some of the important applications of Decimals are as follows:

1.   The weighing machine does not give the weight equal to a Whole Number when we want to calculate our weight. It gives Decimal Number result.

2.   When we deal with money, the use of Decimal Numbers is simply unavoidable. Buying an item at the shop does not guarantee the payment of money in Whole Numbers.

3.   To determine the Area of a Rectangle or an L-shaped Polygon.

4.   In the car’s Odometer, the mileage shown on it is always in Decimal Number.


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Hook Question:

1.     Give some Practical applications of Decimal Numbers.



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