Learning Objectives:

Understand to write and graph the Standard Form of a circle.



A Circle is the set of points in a plane that are the same distance from one point called Center.

Some important Terminology of Circle are as follows:

1.   Radius: The Radius is a segment from the Center to the circle.

2.   Chord: A Chord is a line segment with endpoints on the circle.

3.   Diameter: A Diameter is a Chord that passes through the Center.

4.   Secant Line: A Secant Line intersects the circle in two points.

5.   Tangent: A Tangent is a line that intersects the circle in one point.

6.   Point of Tangency: A Point of Tangency is where a Tangent line touches or intersects the circle.

7.   Congruent Circle: Congruent Circle are circles that have the same Radius but different Centers.

8.   Concentric Circles: Concentric Circles are two circles that have the same Center, but a different Radius.


Hook questions:

1.      What is a Circle?

2.      Define the relationship between Radius and Diameter of a Circle?

3.      What is Tangent and Pont of Tangency of a Circle?

4.      What are the Congruent and Concentric Circle?  

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