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Understand and Apply Bar Graph

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Presenting Categorical Data Graphically:

Categorical or Qualitative data are pieces of information that allow us to classify the objects under investigation into various categories.

Bar Graph:

A Bar Graph is a chart that uses either horizontal or vertical bars to show comparisons among categories.

Guidelines for construction of a Bar Graph by Math Tutoring:

To construct a Bar Graph, we need to draw a vertical axis and a horizontal axis. The vertical axis will have a scale and measure the frequency of each category. The horizontal axis shows the categories. The bar height shows the frequency.


 A Histogram is bar graph that represents a Frequency Distribution. The width represents the interval and the height represents the corresponding frequency. There are no spaces between the bars.



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Hook questions:

1.    What is Bar graph?

2.    How do you construct a Bar Graph?

3.    What is Histogram?


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