Tutoring on Apportionment

Learning Objectives:

Understand and Apply Apportionment

Math Tutoring on Apportionment

In Math Tutoring, ‘Apportionment’ is the problem of dividing up a fixed number of things among groups of different sizes. In politics, this takes the form of allocating a limited number of representatives amongst voters.

Apportionment rules:

1.   The things being divided up can exist only in whole numbers.

2.   We must use all of the things being divided up, and we cannot use any more.

3.   Each group must get at least one of the things being divided up.

4.   The number of things assigned to each group should be at least approximately proportional to the population of the group.


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Hook questions:

1.    What is Apportionment?

2.     State Apportionment rule.   




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