Applications of Vectors

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Learning Objectives:

Understand Applications of Vectors.

Math Tutoring on Applications of Vectors

Vectors have a very vast area of applications due to its easy generalize property to various topics and field of study. Vectors are constantly used in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering etc.

The Angle Between Two Vectors:

The angle ‘θ’ between vectors u and v can be defined by

The vectors are parallel if ‘u’ and ‘v’ are scalar multiples. The vectors are perpendicular if

Vector Projection:

The Vector Projection of a Vector ‘u’ on a nonzero vector ‘v’ is the Orthogonal Projection of ‘u’ onto a straight line parallel to ‘v’.

We use the notation . It can also be called the vector component of ‘u’ along ‘v’. The vector w2 is called the Vector Component of ‘u’ orthogonal to ‘v’. Then we use the notation .

Projection Using Dot Product in Math Tutoring:

If ‘u’ and ‘v’ are nonzero vectors, then the Projection of ‘u’ onto ‘v’ is given by

Notice the projection is a scalar multiple of ‘v’.

One of the important application of vector is the calculation of Work Done and Force. If ‘F’ (Force) is a constant for along ‘v’, the Work Done is given by


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Hook Questions:

1.     What are the Applications of Vectors?

2.     How could you determine the angle between two vectors?

3.     What is Vector Projection? How is it derived using Dot Product?



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