Applications of Definite Integration

Applications of Definite Integration

Learning Objectives:

Understand and apply Definite Integration

Applications of Definite Integration


Definite Integration has numerous Applications in day-to-day life. Some of the important Applications are as follows:

1.   Interpret the meaning of Area under a function.

2.   Determine the Accumulated Sales of a company for a span of time frame or for a particular time span.

3.   Determine the Distance travelled by an object and it’s Velocity on the Coordinate Plane.

4.   Determine The Average Value over a given interval.

5.   An important Application of Definite Integration is to determine Demand and Supply functions & find the Consumer Surplus and Producer Surplus at the Equilibrium Point.

6.   Determine Average Value of an Investment Account or any Temperature Functions.

7.   Solve Continuous Money Flow problems & find the Present Value, Accumulated Present Value and Future Value of an investment.

Hook Questions:

1.      State some important Applications of Definite Integration.

2.      How The Equilibrium Point of Demand & Supply functions is determined by Definite Integration?


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