American or Standard Units

Tutoring on American or Standard Units

Learning Objectives:

Understand and Apply American Standard Units

Math Tutoring on American or Standard Units

Converting among Measurement Units in Math Tutoring:

Method #1: Multiplying or Dividing

1.   Multiply when converting from a larger unit to a smaller unit.

2.   Divide when converting from a smaller unit to a larger unit.

Method #2: Using Unit fractions 

1.   Multiply by unit fractions. Each unit fraction you multiply by must be equal to one.

2.   The numerator should use the measurement unit you want in your answer.

3.   The denominator should use the measurement you want to change.

Household Measurements and Conversions:

The Household Unit of Measure is the most commonly used system of measurement in home of the United States, usually in the kitchen.



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Hook Questions:

1.     What are the methods for multiplying or dividing in American Units?

2.     What are the methods for using unit fractions in American Units?

3.     What is the most commonly used measurement system in U.S. household?


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