Algebra Exponent

Tutoring on Algebra Exponent

Learning Objectives:

Understand to Simplify Expressions with Exponents.


Properties of Exponents    

1. The Product Rule :  a . a = aᶬᶧᶯ.  

2. The Quotient Rule : a / a  = aᶬ⁻ᶯ

3. The Power Rule :  ( a ) = aᶬᶯ

4. Product to a Power :  ( ab ) = ab.   

 5. Quotient to a Power :  ( a/b) = a / b.

Other Properties :  a1= a , a0 = 1




Hook Questions


1.Which rule do you use when raising a power to power?

2.How do you know which rule to use?

3.How can you tell if you multiply exponents or add?





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