Adding and Subtracting Polynomial

Adding and Subtracting Polynomial

Learning Objectives:

Understand Adding and Subtracting Polynomial

Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Apolynomialis a mathematical expression which is consisting of sum of different terms, where each term includes a variable or variables raised to a power and multiplied by a coefficient.  The simplest polynomials have one variable.Some polynomials have two, three, or more variables.  A polynomial in one variable is called a univariate polynomial. A polynomial in two variables is known as a bivariate polynomial.

Tosimplify algebraic expressions,

Step 1:  Simplify within the parentheses, which normally doesn't apply when adding and subtracting polynomials.  

Step 2:  Use distributive property to eliminate the parentheses.

Step 3:  Combine the like terms.

Step 4:  Write in descending order.

For subtraction first rewrite the subtraction as addition, i.e. to change subtraction to addition, add the opposite or additive inverse. Then follow all four steps.

Hook Questions


1.    What is adding polynomials?

2.    How do you combine polynomials?

3.    What is subtracting polynomials?

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