Adding And Subtracting Integers

Tutoring on Adding And Subtracting Integers

Learning Objectives:

Understand and Apply Addition and Subtraction of Integers.

Math Tutoring on Adding and Subtracting Integers

The Integers are the numbers that can be written without a Fractional or Decimal component and fall within the set .

Adding Integers with a Number Line:

To add  on a number line, we start at  and move according to

1.    If  is positive, we move to the right (The Positive Direction).

2.    If  is negative, we move to the left (The Negative Direction).

3.    If  is 0, we stay at .

Rules for Addition of Integer:

1.    If we adding two Integers of the same sign

    Add their Absolute Values.

    Keep the sign of the original Integers.

2.    If we adding two Integers with different signs

    Find the Absolute Value of both.

    Subtract the smaller value from the larger value.

    The sign of answer is the original sign of the number with the larger Absolute Value.

Subtraction of Integers:

We can always rewrite a subtraction problem as an addition problem. Instead of subtracting, we can add the opposite.

For any real number ,

    Subtracting a positive is the same as adding a negative.

    Subtracting a negative is the same as adding a positive.

In general, this rule states we can convert every subtraction problem to an addition problem. We can then follow the rules for adding Integers.



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Hook Question:

1.    What are the Rules for Addition of Integers? How can it be done with a Number Line?

2.    How is subtraction of Integers done?



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