Absolute Value

Tutoring on Absolute Value

Learning Objectives:

Understand and Apply Absolute Value.

Absolute Value


The Absolute Value of a number is the distance from zero on a number line. Absolute value of a number is always positive because a distance is cannot be negative. Vertical bars are used to indicate Absolute Value.

The Absolute Value of “x” is denoted by .

With the help of Rule of Order of Operations of integers, we can evaluate different kind of Absolute Value Expressions. e.g. Absolute value of a Difference , Absolute Value of a Difference of Two Absolute Values , Absolute Value expression contains Exponents etc.

We can compare integers using Inequality Notation with the help of Absolute Value of those integers.




Hook Questions:

1.     What is the Absolute Value of an Integer?

2.     Why Absolute Value is always positive?


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