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    Flexible,Smart & Affordable Online Tutoring Services
    Study plan that fits your child
    Modern academics are first paced and geared toward skill development instead of traditional grades.Industries want people who specialize in the areas in which they have natural talent.Our topic based interactive knowledge graph will help your child to identify learning gaps and build the personalized study plan.
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    Interactive Live one on one Tutoring
    The future of collegiate programming is fast changing away from general studies and lectures.
    We offer live tutors available for your child 24/7 any day of the week, all at affordable monthly plan or pay as you go plans!The payments are made through Amazon
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    Proven Result
    Your child's education is precious.When you select our online tutoring services with better grades plan , we guarantee the improvement of your child's grades.Topic mastery online with a tutor who can build these areas is a great way for students to prepare fully.
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    Track your child's progress
    Our study plans and the progress report are 100% visible to parent, allowing you to see where your child is and how far he/she has come.Beginning AffodEdu's online math tutoring service is the best way to identify where performance is consistently high and where comprehension gaps are getting in the way of true scholastic excellence and a positive outlook.
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    online quoteMath learning has always been a difficult subject for Brian. He would often come home from school very discouraged since he simply couldn't keep up with the pace of the curriculum. Of course, it is very difficult for a teacher to individually attend to a student when the rest of the class is more or less keeping up. In-person tutoring centers are so expensive, and I thought I was out of options until I came across AffordEdu's online math tutoring services.
    Thank you AffordEdu!

    - Bob

    Why choose AffordEdu for your child's math learning
    AffordEdu Private tutoring Learning center Other online tutors
    Convenience of At-home tutoring (no driving your child across town to meet a tutor) sometimes
    Unlimited online tutoring services available
    FREE ongoing online assessments
    Trackable progress
    Innovative Individualized study plans
    Personalized one on one Instruction