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    Expert Online Tutoring for Your Child

    AffordEdu is the world's first Topic Based online tutoring platform with knowledge builder that addresses the areas of weakness in students that is often overlooked in a traditional school system. Recent studies show that students are now studying the most during the night, after 8 pm until the early morning. AffordEdu meets those needs by being available 24/7 and offering your child the support they need when they need it most. Here are the top four reasons to choose us over other online platforms:

    Affordable One-on-One Tutoring

    Your child spends most of their day sitting in school learning from lectures that are catered to the masses. Incorporating one-on-one online tutoring can drive home that subject material and information by focusing on your child's needs and learning style. AffordEdu provides the link between expert tutors and the students who need them the most at an affordable price. Our live tutors are available 24/7. We offer pay-as-you-go and monthly plans to meet every parent's budget and help as many students as possible.
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    Custom Study Plans for Success

    Every student is different and at AffordEdu our tutors get to know the students’ individual study needs. Our Knowledge Graph and free assessment shows the difficult topics and learning gaps for each student. Students can create a custom study plan based on that information. Modern academics are fast-paced and often leave students behind to learn the material on their own. Our online tutoring program means that your child never has to struggle with new or any concepts alone and will have support whenever they need it.
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    Participate in Your Child's Education

    Your child's study plan and progress reports are always 100% visible to you, allowing you to see where your child is and how far he/she has come. Investing in AffordEdu's online tutoring service is the best way to identify where performance is consistently high and where comprehension gaps are getting in the way of true scholastic excellence. As a parent, you have access to everything your child is doing, badges they are earning as they master a new topic and overall progress. Your child's education is imperative to their long-term success. When you select AffordEdu's online tutoring services, we guarantee the improvement of your child's grades and studying abilities.
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    24/7 Online Tutoring Services

    Our global network of tutors and employees enable parents to receive support whenever they need it. Whether you have questions about your child's study plan, progress report, academic concerns or want to learn more about our services, we are available at any time. Our virtual classrooms and tools are always available for your child, meaning that they have help no matter the time of night for homework, test prep or general questions.
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    Parents Reviews
    online quote....and I really think that the "BETTER GRADES GUARANTEE If not we'll refund" is a good way to stand by your product/service offer. The requirement of 3 hours a month is very reasonable.
    - Tom
    online quoteYes, seems like a good source for help
    - Diana
    online quoteYes i would use your website because it's interactive
    - Rick
    online quoteI do like that it is topic based and that my child could get help in one specific area
    - Greg
    online quoteI live in a small town and the availability of tutors may not be the best. In this situation, an online tutor might be the best way to get help for my child from a highly qualified tutor
    - Bill
    online quoteIt is appealing in that it is broken down by topics. My daughter struggles with Geometry, so she could specifically get help with that subject. I would be likely to try this website, as many others haven't been effective for us
    - Clair
    online quoteyes, because anything trustworth and web based I would let my child use without a problem. They already spend all of their time on the computer
    - David
    online quoteI would check it out more in depth to assess if my child could get more from thes site. I like that it has objective information to provide for him
    - Sofia
    - Allison
    Why choose AffordEdu for your child's math learning
    AffordEdu Private tutoring Learning center Other online tutors
    Convenience of At-home tutoring (no driving your child across town to meet a tutor) sometimes
    Unlimited online tutoring services available
    FREE ongoing online assessments
    Trackable progress
    Innovative Individualized study plans
    Personalized one on one Instruction
    Parent’s FAQ
    Online tutoring takes place in an interactive, digital classroom. They include video, audio, screen-share, chat for direct communication with your tutor, and a collaborative whiteboard for documenting, plotting functions or working out problems with latex equations-editor.
    AffordEdu is an online live tutoring service. Your Tutoring sessions take place in our easy-to-use online platform, which runs in your web browser. This is a personalized one-on-one online tutoring service using a tailored study plan of what you know and what you want to know.
    Our curriculum is not grade based, but topic based. Our interactive knowledge map will help a student identify where his gaps are and will help him learn what he wants to know and what he already knows, and lets him pick up badges from lower to higher order as Red, Yellow Green to Blue. Our teachers are not just tutors, they are Mentors who help students build the study plan, coach them, help them develop their perspectives.
    Before you schedule your first session, we recommend watching our 'How it works' videos.
    AffordEdu- Online Tutoring - Find online tutor
    AffordEdu- Become Online Tutor
    If you still have questions, write to us at
    1. We ask for background information from our tutors during sign up and use a third party reputed vendor to conduct a background check. We verify phone number, email address, scan tutor's past reviews before they become registered for tutoring services. Parents and caretakers are invited anytime to supervise the sessions.
    2. Yes. We process all our payments and credit card transactions through a verified, secured Amazon Payment Services. If there is any unpleasant event, please report immediately through phone or e mail.
    AffordEdu online tutors are required to submit official documents that verify their personal identity, as well as proof of their education and certifications.
    To complete a session on AffordEdu, you will need a computer Chrome Browser with a stable internet connection, speakers/audio, and at least a microphone (the one built into your computer is fine). We highly recommend a webcam, as AffordEdu sessions are based on live video chat. No downloads are required.
    For the best performance, we suggest a bandwidth greater than 500 kb/s (which is average for a 3G network). However, an acceptable range is 250 kb/s. Please note, other factors can affect network performance, such as multiple streaming devices on the network, large downloads or uploads, or lots of open tabs. If possible, try to pause activities like file downloading, online gaming, and video streaming on other devices connected to your network, as this can impact your connection speed and streaming quality.
    1. Register with your e mail and assign a password or create a login with your Facebook account
    2. To edit, visit the Login page on
    3. Enter your e mail and password. If you forgot your password, click the “Forgot username or password?” link.
    4. Once you're logged in, click the "My Profile" on the menu or "My Account" located at the top left.
    5. You'll be taken to the Account Settings page. Here, you can add or edit your name, address, email, password, phone number, and language.
    If you have Chrome installed, you may be able to launch a lesson using your tablet. However, we would recommend running the site on a laptop or desktop for best performance.
    Google Chrome is the only browser that is supported at this time. This is due to the audio/video platform only running on this browser. You won’t be able to successfully have online tutoring lessons through our platform if you use a different browser like Internet Explorer.
    For Chrome users, you must select the Allow button at the top of your screen. Users will be asked to share their camera and microphone. If you’re still experiencing issues, we recommend you double check that your camera is turned on and that nothing is covering the camera. Also, make sure you have sufficient lighting and your contrast setting for your camera is set up so you can see yourself.
    First, check that your sound is on and that your microphone is enabled. Both your speakers and microphone must be turned on for lessons. For Chrome users, you must select the Allow button at the top of your screen to share your audio and video. Users will be asked to share their camera and microphone and must allow sharing to hear the audio. Some older computers may not have an internal microphone installed.
    Yes, tutors and students can share their screens during the live online session. Make sure AffordEdu Chrome browser extension is installed. Please refresh your session once the browser extension is installed. Please note when you refresh the screen, you will lose video link. Please click video call icon again to establish video session.
    Yes, they certainly can! However, it’s always polite to take turns.
    After log in based on the topics selected a list of “Recommended tutors” is provided on the Home Page.
    After you log in, you select a topic and add the topic to your personalized study plan based on what you want to know. Once your study plan is ready, please go ahead and purchase a Tuition Plan, then book a teacher from “Book a Session”.
    Our booking tool will show teachers based on the topic you have chosen and the date and time you have selected. You can then book a teacher. In the event the teacher is not available, we will then book you with another teacher based on your selected time and the topic.
    AffordEdu online tutoring sessions are the same as in-person tutoring sessions. Live session puts you in one on one with the tutor, and the virtual classroom environment offers necessary tools such as the collaborative whiteboard, screen- sharing, Audio and/or Video, chat and previously recorded learning videos, and assignments etc.
    The online tutoring sessions can be as long or as short as you need them to be, as long as your desired tutor is available for the length of time. There is no maximum lesson time, but the minimum is 15 minutes.
    Your commitment is up to you, you are welcome to book only one session, or even try several tutors for the same topic.
    We have tutors for all topics. You need to select the topic from Knowledge Graph after clicking on the module, submodule, and topic. You can also select a topic from the search bar. If you still can’t find a topic, you can then book a teacher from the ‘Quick help’.
    Absolutely! You can purchase AffordEdu Plans in any denomination you choose, and each session will be deducted from the total amount. You will receive an email when your child is running low on credits.
    No, not at this time.
    Yes. You can check your favorite tutor’s schedule to see his availability for another session. If one of your favorite tutors is working with another student, you can get in line or let us find another great tutor to help you.
    In a rare event, when Tutor is not available on schedule, we make best attempts to find another tutor for you. However there could be a situation where tutor has been a no show, in such cases, please send us an e mail and we shall schedule another tutor for you.
    If you ever have a session you are not completely happy with, you can request a credit for the minutes used. We shall review the session, and if it does not meet our standards for quality or accuracy, we can credit those minutes back to your account.
    Yes. Depending on tutor availability, sessions can be booked at any time of day or night. We have tutors in every time zone, so finding tutors based on your availability won’t be a problem.
    Yes, all students on AffordEdu must have payment on file before they can schedule a lesson with a tutor.
    Please see the tuition plan which is available after you log in to
    We process all of our user’s credit card transactions with our secured, verified payment merchant system through “Amazon Payments”.
    No, AffordEdu does not store your credit card information in the system.