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  • Vision

    At AffordEdu, we are passionate about making education accessible to everyone around the world. We want to bring together highly qualified tutors to the students who need them the most. We can transform the way your child learns and retains information to ensure long-term academic success. Our online tutoring platform is a global one-stop shop for affordable education, with special coverage during 8 pm to 4 am for topic mastery, homework help, test preparations help, drills and practice, and more!
    Online Tutoring for Professional mentoring
    Professional mentoring
    Online Tutoring for Learning at your own pace
    Learn at your own pace
    Online Tutoring for Better grades guarantee
    Better grades guarantee
    Online Tutoring for Topic based learning
    Topic based learning


    The Next Generation of Tutoring-Tech

    Our online tutoring program focuses on adaptive learning. Using a customized knowledge map to the student’s specific needs, we make sure each student receives personalized guidance, mentoring and encouragement.
    Since we are an online company, you have the freedom to learn from anywhere around the world and at any time. Our students are able to learn at their own pace during the times that work best for their schedule and location.
    Our cognitive learning platform is based on more than 25 years of global education experience. We have designed an education system that pinpoints where a student is in the knowledge graph and grows from there. Topics that are often intimidating to students, like math, are broken down systematically in a way that allows the student to fully grasp a concept before moving on to the next.
    Online tutoring can be broken down into two types, asynchronous and synchronous. Asynchronous tutoring session involves texting, emailing questions and answers with feedback from tutors given in the form of notes or pre-recorded video. Synchronous tutoring, or a real-time approach, involves a live video session or face-to-face interaction. We currently offer synchronous sessions on desktops, and will be launching asynchronous sessions in the fall for all mobile and tablet devices!
    The AffordEdu solution comes in two parts:

    Topic Mastery

    The knowledge builder was designed to help parents and students visualize where they stand academically. This shows where there is room for improvement, allows students to review the personalized study plan, and schedule a live tutoring session with a mentor to master the topic. Progress reports are available for students to see how they are doing in each topic, what badges they have earned to mark advances. Parents are given full access to the progress report so that they can see how their child is improving and can monitor the process.
    Affordedu online tutoring tutor

    Quick Help

    One of the biggest benefits of online tutoring is accessibility. AffordEdu offers around-the-clock student support in order to see the best results. Students have access to a live tutor to help with homework and test preparations help.
    Tutoring Services
    In order to see the optimal results of AffordEdu, parents can enjoy active participation during the tutoring sessions and 100% visibility of their child's progress. Our Virtual classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for a seamless lesson, that includes audio, video, chat, screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, quizzes and thousands of previously recorded videos available in desktop and mobile devices.
    Students and parents alike can benefit from our online tutoring platform. Unlock your full potential with AffordEdu! Sign Up Today.