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    One-on-One Online Tutoring

    SAT, ACT, GRE & GMAT- Preparations
    Joining AffordEdu is an investment in your child’s long-term education. Our students are never alone during their academic journey. We pride ourselves on employing tutors who go above and beyond and truly mentor your children. Each student will benefit from having a tutor who knows their needs inside and out. The tutor is a mentor, guiding each student through any questions, concerns and help needed to achieve academic success. They provide instant help for test preparations so that students are always supported.AffordEdu  enables you to receive a top tier tutor at a modest price .Visit Pricing
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    Topic Mastery with Knowledge Builder
    Students benefit from our topic based, interactive knowledge graph that pinpoints where a student lies academically on a variety of topics. The knowledge graph helps us find the areas where the student needs to improve and allows us to develop a customized study plan to target those areas so that they earn better grades. From there we are able to mark their progress toward topic mastery. AffordEdu wants our students to explore, learn and thrive academically, which is why we provide every tool possible to ensure success. For more details on our individual plans, visit how it works
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    Quick help for Test Preparations and Homework
    AffordEdu specializes in adaptive and personalized online tutoring to help students reach their full potential. Our one-on-one online tutoring program is structured and convenient, allowing students to learn at their own pace to gain confidence and get ahead. We create personalized study plans based on over 400 math topics that are customized to meet the needs of each individual student. Our real-time Topic Mastery through the use of our Knowledge Builder, along with our Quick Help for homework and test preparations around the clock, allow for complete support and optimal results for each student!
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    Exceptional Tutors available -24/7
    Our focus is to offer affordable education that increases your child’s knowledge and we mark that progress using badges. During one-on-one tutoring, when students master a topic they earn badges that symbolize their improvement. Students enjoy mastering a new topic and gain confidence with each badge, while parents are able to see the fast improvement through progress reports. As students progress through the knowledge graph, they will begin earning higher grades on tests and homework assignments, creating a stronger foundation for their future classes. We remove the fear of mathematics and create an open environment that nurtures the learning process.
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    Make a Progress with AffordEdu
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    in 3-6 months
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    in 6-12 months
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    Knowledge Producer
    in 1 year or more
    Why Students use AffordEdu
    Students use AffordEdu to see real results and improvement in their education.
     Our customizable approach targets each student individually to ensure the greatest results possible.
     We hire only the highest quality tutors.
     Students learn in a relaxed and convenient environment using chat, white board, video-audio call, hundreds of learning videos, screen sharing and mobile apps.
     We make a great education accessible!
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    Why Parents use AffordEdu
    Parents love AffordEdu online tutoring because it allows them to be active participants in their child’s growth.
     Parents can review their child’s personalized study plan, see where they are on the knowledge graph and monitor improvement.
     Student progress reports are always available so that parents stay informed on just how well their child is doing.
     Our support team is always available to answer any questions or concerns.
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    How can we help you ?
    Help your child master new topics and gain confidence in their education with AffordEdu. Our platform allows students to achieve topic mastery at their own pace and provides quick help whenever they need it. Expert math tutors are available for teaching students anytime, anywhere to help them learn and master new concepts. AffordEdu teaches learning skills that will lead to long-term academic achievement and success.
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