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    One on One Online Tutoring

    Personalized Online Learning
    Adaptive and personalized learning is our strong suit. We offer personalized study plan based on around 400 math topics.Learning here is structured and convenient. Students can learn at their own pace with AffordEdu one on one online tutoring.
    Topic Based Knowledge Graph
    Our topic based interactive knowledge graph will help a student identify his learning gaps and build the study plans for online tutoring. We want our student to explore, learn more and mature. For more details visit how it works
    Collaborative Learning through Online Tutoring
    Students are never alone on their educational journey. Our math tutors are not just tutors, they are mentors who will help a student to build the study plan, coach them, help them develop their perspective and alleviate fears in mathematics.
    Growth Focused
    With AffordEdu one on one online tutoring,  students can master a topic and pick up badges from lower to higher order as red, yellow, green and blue. Parents can track online their child's learning growth in their progress report.

    Make a Progress with AffordEdu

    Knowledge Consumer
    Knowledge Comprehender
    Knowledge Producer

    Why Students use AffordEdu

    Students benefit from AffordEdu
     Build personalized study plans where they need the most help.
     Students learn from qualified, friendly, tutors using chat, white board, video-audio call, hundreds of learning videos, screen sharing and mobile apps.

    Why Parents use AffordEdu

    Parents benefit from AffordEdu
     Parents engage in child's study plan using the knowledge graph to see where the child stands.
     Track their child's progress in Progress report with AffordEdu timeline.

    How can we help you

    Our expert math tutors are available for tutoring students anytime, anywhere. With AffordEdu online 1 on 1 mentoring in certain trouble areas, students can discover how concepts are related and how improving low-performance gaps is key to achievement.
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